Blue launches podcast "Ehrenrunde" with Stefan Büsser and Manuel Rothmund

Swisscom Blue launches the soccer podcast "Ehrenrunde" with Stefan Büsser and Manuel Rothmund. The two football lovers talk to their guests about the state of Switzerland as a football nation.

The first "Ehrenrunde" podcast will be broadcast on Tuesday at 6 pm. Further monthly editions are to follow. In addition to the two hosts Stefan Büsser and Manuel Rothmund, a guest will also sit at the regulars' table and talk about topics that are close to the hearts of the fans of the round leather.

The guest in the first show is Marcel Koller, who has left his mark on football in Germany as a Bundesliga coach, in Austria as a national coach and in Switzerland as a two-time champion coach, among others.

The format is around 45 minutes long and is played out on all Blue platforms - including a video version on the free TV station Blue Zoom, on the Swisscom TV box and on Blue News. In addition, the audio version is available wherever podcast listeners get their content.

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