Christoph Roost new on the ball as Blick football boss - sports editorial team drives digital topics forward

Christoph Roost will become the new Head of Football at Blick on November 1. In addition, various user experience and digital topics are to be driven forward in the Blick sports editorial team over the next few years.

The 55-year-old most recently worked for nine years at FIFA, where he led content projects in the communications team and drove digital transformation. Before that, Roost worked at Swiss Television; and he was head of editorial at Sat.1 Switzerland ("ran Sat.1 Fussball," "live ran" and "täglich ran") for many years.

"I am delighted that in Christoph Roost we have found an expert in several areas at once: Football has been his profession for decades and Christoph is also a multi-media thinker who will bring his ideas to our team," says Blick's Editor-in-Chief of Sports Steffi Buchli about the new hire.

New, more digitally oriented structure

At Blick, Sport will be driving various UX and digital topics over the next few years. In the course of this realignment, the new position of "Head of Digital" has also been created, which will be taken over by the current Head of Desk Raffael Aebli. This will result in further castles in the sports department.

The previous team leader Stefan Meier takes over the sports desk. Sebastian Rieder's video team is located under the umbrella of the desk. Three new full-time positions are being made available by Blick TV for this purpose, in order to further strengthen the moving image offering in sports. There is also a new reporter pool. It will be headed by the current deputy team leader Emanuel Gisi. In addition, the field hockey department headed by Dino Kessler and the soccer department headed by Christoph Roost will operate under this reporter umbrella in the future. Daniel Leu is the new team leader of the paper's reporters. Andrea Cattani from the news department and Carlo Frezza from "Finanz und Wirtschaft" are joining the sports desk. Football reporter Max Kern (61) will leave the sports department after 35 years and take early retirement at the end of April 2022.

Blick Sport Editor-in-Chief Steffi Buchli welcomes the restructuring: "We have made ourselves fit for the future in recent months. The appointment of Raffael Aebli as Head of Digital and the creation of a dedicated sports video desk are central to this. We have big plans with Blick Sport, with which we are now entering the implementation phase."

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