Partner & Partner redesigns UFA Revue

With the October issue, UFA Revue appears in a new design. The trade magazine of Swiss agriculture will be more modern, airier and more varied. Swiss farmers are to receive more useful information for their daily work on the farm.

The UFA Review is gearing itself even more consistently to the needs of its readership from its October issue and aims to become more relevant. The agricultural trade magazine has reinvented its design and presents itself in a more modern, airy and varied way. The logo and the layout of the trade magazine have been refreshed. More images and appealing typography round off the new look.

The DNA of the UFA Review would remain untouched even after the innovations. "The UFA Review remains the leading medium for Swiss agriculture. With the relaunch, however, we are offering farmers even more value for their valuable work - monthly with our print edition and daily on our website," explains Markus Röösli, publishing and editorial director of the UFA Review. 

The new beginning is also reflected in the magazine's sections. The new "Crop Production" section kicks things off, because cultivation is the basis of agricultural production. The "Farm Management" section replaces the "Management" section. The new magazine also includes recurring containers such as "Resources". Here, brief and concise explanations are given on how farm families can make better use of their resources in the areas of ecology, economy and social issues.

The relaunch focused on sustainability and Swiss origin. The new paper of the UFA Review consists of 50 percent recycled fibers, the majority of which come from Swiss household collections. The remaining fiber material is obtained from thinned wood from Swiss forests and recycled wood from local sawmills. 

Creative collaboration with Partner & Partner

The Winterthur agency Partner & Partner accompanied the relaunch. Since the collaborative concept work fell in the late fall of 2020, all meetings and workshops had to be conducted via video conferencing from the home office. The design concept and basic layout were developed by Julia Weber, graphic designer at Partner & Partner. Rainer Paberzis, head of the graphics and layout department at fenaco, further developed the proposals and transformed the graphic concept into the new UFA Review. 

A gateway to the online world

The UFA Review not only wanted to increase the visual quality with the relaunch. These days, a trade magazine also has to be a gateway to the online world. That is why the digital platform is already being relaunched in 2020. QR codes form the interface between the printed magazine and the digital platform, which offers farmers further content and concrete assistance in multimedia form. 

Responsible at Fenaco Cooperative / UFA Review: Silja Stofer (Head of Corporate Communications fenaco), Markus Röösli (Publishing and Editorial Management UFA-Revue), Rainer Paberzis (Art Direction fenaco). Responsible at Partner & Partner: Benno Maggi (Consulting and Creative Direction), Kathrin Hofmann (Consulting and Project Management), Julia Weber (Graphic Design).

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