Tele discontinues "streaming" after only one year

After just under a year, "Streaming" has come to an end. The program guide will be discontinued with the publication of the November issue. The title, which focused on Netflix & Co. offerings, failed to meet expectations in the reader market.

The next issue of Streaming will be the last - Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland is discontinuing the program magazine launched in 2021 after only one year again. To the editorial staff of the TV magazine Tele, which Streaming has produced, the discontinuation will have no further impact, Ringier Axel Springer Schweiz writes in a statement.

The reason for the decision was readership figures that cannot secure an economically sustainable future for the title in the print market. The Tele-From now on, the editorial team will again focus entirely on its core product, the statement continues.

"Streaming is an innovative magazine and was quickly taken to heart by its readership," says Gion Stecher, Editor-in-Chief of Program Media at Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland. "However, after one year, subscriptions and individual sales are not at the level needed to continue the title successfully - we must now draw the consequences from this. My team and I are very grateful that we were allowed to venture such a journalistic advance in the first place and will apply what we have learned for Tele And take our other program guides with us."

"Streaming is an attractive product. From a business perspective, however, we have to accept that we have not achieved the desired response and are now acting accordingly," says Alexander Theobald, CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Switzerland. "I still believe in the potential of print journalism and look forward to seeing more good ideas emerging in our editorial teams."

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