Hej gives the Quality in Journalism Association a new coat of paint

Rich blue and a logo that stands out: Two months before Journalism Day 21, QuaJou, the association Quality in Journalism, presents itself in a new dress. The Zurich agency Hej developed the appearance for the association.

"The website is now very dynamic and user-friendly. It represents our values in a contemporary way," Frank Hänecke, a long-time QuaJou board member, was quoted as saying in a statement. With the relaunch of the website Quajou.ch/ the appearance was also refreshed at the same time.

"The new logo visualizes the initiative's mission to combine quality and journalism," says Janine Widler, managing director and partner of Hej, about the new communications presence. "The rich blue lends new radiance to the long-standing commitment as a quality lobby for the Swiss journalism industry, and the typeface 'Nouvelle Grotesk' joins the tradition of Swiss type design with the claim to inspire and elicit a smile." The website was programmed by Werkstatt für Digitales in Zurich.

The relaunch comes about two months before Journalism Day.21, where aspects of journalistic work will again be debated. The Event is organized by QuaJou and will take place on Thursday, November 25, 2021. The focus is on digital journalism, science journalism and future-oriented business models.

The association Quality in Journalism - QuaJou - has been in existence since 1999 and is committed to promoting and ensuring journalistic quality in the Swiss media. It is aimed at journalists - employed or freelance. In addition, scientists and professionals who deal with professional communication are among the current 130 members.

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