Women and Finance: Descartes Vorsorge launches blog format for women

Descartes Vorsorge has launched the blog "Women and Finance" - and has brought Irène Schäppi on board. The lifestyle journalist reports on personal experiences, but also provides in-depth knowledge on finance and pensions in collaboration with Descartes.

Topics such as the gender pay gap, poverty in old age and financial dependency, but also ignorance - out of disinterest or even convenience - are unfortunately still the order of the day even in the anniversary year "50 years of women's suffrage in Switzerland". Why? Politics, social constraints and prejudices still make it difficult for women to gain easy access to the world of finance. With the newly launched "Women and Finance" format, Descartes Vorsorge aims to educate women on the subject of money and encourage them to take an active and confident approach to their finances.

For this purpose, Vorsorge has hired lifestyle journalist and author Irène Schäppi, who openly admits to being an accounting chaos queen. With informative, authentic, but sometimes also provocative articles, she will report on her own retirement planning journey in the future. In addition, she also wants to impart profound expertise, in cooperation with the Descartes experts.

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