Bernese want new online magazine to classify topics

From a new online magazine in the Bern area, consumers want in particular a regular classification of political and social issues. This was the result of a non-representative survey conducted by the "Courage Civil" movement.

According to "Courage Civil", 2935 people took part in the survey between February and March 2021. According to its own statements, the movement wants to ensure media diversity in the greater Bern area, namely against the background of the merger of the editorial offices ofConfederationandBernese newspaper.

The vast majority of respondents would like to see a new online magazine in the greater Bern area that takes a critical view of all the players in the political arena. Only 14 percent opted for a medium that views events from either a left-wing or a bourgeois perspective.

Interest in national and international topics is slightly higher than in regional or local stories, according to the survey available to the Keystone-SDA news agency. The business and sports sections met with rather little interest among respondents.

In addition to the classification of political and social topics, the readers surveyed would also appreciate the coverage of cultural topics, as the survey also shows.

Just under a quarter of respondents were in favour of an advertising-free medium. At 69 percent, the acceptance of clearly declared advertising such as public reports or native advertising is high, the people responsible for "Courage Civil" conclude.

Two thirds of those surveyed would be prepared to pay between CHF 40 and CHF 100 for a subscription. A fifth would also pay more than 100 francs.

Of the 2935 participants, 66 percent are men, 33 percent women and 1 percent diverse. Practically all of them consume Bernese media. Around 60 percent have a university or college degree. 85 percent come from a city or conurbation.

According to its own information, "Courage civil" was founded in 2018 during the campaign for the No Billag initiative. The managing director is the Bernese political consultant and author Mark Balsiger.(SDA)

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