Blick and 20 Minuten have violated privacy in homicide case

The Press Council has reprimanded the online platforms of Blick and 20 Minuten for violation of privacy and identifying reporting. The background is the reporting on a homicide: In Buchs SG, a man had presumably killed his partner.

The two online media had published pictures of the place where the crime had been committed. On it the building was to be seen, in whose first floor the dwelling of the pair was. The Press Council approved a complaint, as it announced on Thursday.

Both media also made public that the man worked in the pizzeria below and named the street. This meant that the man's place of residence and work could be quickly identified by third parties. Therefore, in this case it was identifying reporting.

According to the Press Council, the couple's privacy was also violated by the reporting. The View had published a picture taken through the glazed entrance door of the crime scene. On the pictured hallway private objects had been visible.

Balcony is privacy

20 minutes had published a photo of the balcony, which was not visible from the street. In both cases, the Press Council came to the conclusion that both the entrance area and the balcony belonged to the private sphere of the persons concerned. In both cases, therefore, consent would have been required.

The argumentation of 20 minutesThe Press Council considers the claim that in certain contexts it is permissible to show the home of suspects of a femicide to be a "purely protective assertion". The reporting neither mentions the term femicide nor explains or elaborates on the phenomenon. (SDA)

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