Bund and BZ staff submit their own savings proposals to Tamedia

The staff of the Berner Zeitung (BZ) and the Bund have submitted proposals to the Zurich media company Tamedia to cushion the impact of the planned cost-cutting measures. The issue is the planned merger of the two editorial offices from October of this year.

(Image: Raisa Durandi)

As the Syndicom union announced on Wednesday, the statement includes ten alternative cost-cutting options to avoid layoffs. Thus the Confederation- and the BZ-The company's staff, for example, is planning to streamline the management structure. There is no need for four people on the editorial board.

Another proposal is to limit wages to a maximum of 9,000 francs gross per month. Many employees are also willing to give up their own job percentages in order to save colleagues from dismissal or dismissal with notice.

As Sheila Matti of the Personnel Commission (Peko) of BZ/Confederation said in response to a question, a little more than two full-time positions could be saved with voluntary reductions in staffing levels. The Peko of the Tamedia Editorial Services (TES) department also contributed to the statement.

In this department, Tamedia brings together layouters, photographers and proofreaders, among others, across regions.

On April 8, Tamedia had announced that 20 of around 70 full-time positions would probably be cut as part of the merger of the two editorial teams (Werbewoche.ch reported). However, the two titles will remain independent - each with an editor-in-chief. The reorganization will be defined in more detail in the coming months with the involvement of the two editorial teams.

As far as possible, the job cuts will be made through natural fluctuation. Otherwise, a social plan will be applied. (SDA)

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