Schweizer Illustrierte and L'Illustré are looking for the "Digi-Tal" 2021

Schweizer Illustrierte and L'Illustré are looking for the Digi-Tal, i.e. the Digital Valley of Switzerland. A rural region that stands out for its digital solutions, inventiveness and creativity. Six finalists will be chosen from all the entries, the winner of which will be named "Digi-Valley of Switzerland 2021" at the Swiss Digitaltag.

Innovative projects and digital quantum leaps are created in Silicon Valley, in the metropolises of the world or in urban centers. That is the popular opinion. But rural regions in particular are a place of progress, creativity is often more necessary far from the centres, flexibility and speed are greater. Together with Swiss innovation representatives, the Swiss Illustrated and L'Illustré The aim of the project is to showcase those rural regions that play a pioneering role in the field of digitisation.

Corona accelerates digitization - in every corner of Switzerland

The farming family offers products from the farm shop in the online shop. The local museum takes visitors on a virtual tour of the exhibition rooms. From one week to the next, village schools have switched to digital distance learning. The pandemic has presented the Swiss with a whole new set of challenges. In the big city as well as in the remote valley. Not only companies are affected, but also municipalities, schools, tourist destinations and private individuals. Digital solutions have made their way into many areas in recent months. With the digitalisation of services, but also of social interactions.

Regional inventiveness receives award

With the search for the most digital valley in Switzerland, the Swiss Illustrated and L'Illustré innovative regions a platform. To this end, the initiators have teamed up with renowned partners. Swisscom and Blue News, Generali Switzerland, the Gebert Rüf Foundation and Digitalswitzerland, as well as individuals from politics and education, are supporting the national initiative with their expertise. A jury of experts will select the most outstanding projects from all the applications and send six regions to the finals.
The jury of experts is made up of Johanna Gapany (Member of the Council of States, FDP), Judith Bellaiche (CEO of the Swico trade association, National Councillor GLP), Martin Vetterli (President of EPFL), Roland Siegwart (Professor at ETH), Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler (Chief Digital Officer at Swisscom), Andreas Krümmel (CEO Generali Switzerland), Pascale Vonmont (CEO Gebert Rüf Foundation), Diana Engetschwiler (Director Public Dialogue & Head of Digital Day) and Christian Wenger (Swiss Autonomous Valley, Wenger & Vieli).

Winning valley is chosen by readers

The six finalists will be announced in the Swiss Illustrated and L'Illustré and thus have the opportunity to convince readers of their digital thought leadership. The "Digi-Valley of Switzerland 2021" will be chosen by the readers. The winning valley will be announced on Digitaltag on 10 November 2021.

"In addition to the award, the winning valley benefits from further presence in the two magazines with a total reach of around 850,000 readers," explains Werner De Schepper, co-chief editor of the Swiss Illustrated. "We want this initiative to show that digitization has become part of everyday life across the country."

In addition, the valley receives support from the main partners to continue its success story and to spread it to other regions of Switzerland.

"Despite its small size, Switzerland has repeatedly produced innovations that have gained worldwide recognition," says Roger Wüthrich-Hasenböhler, Chief Digital Officer Swisscom and member of the Digi-Tal jury. "In areas such as agriculture, tourism or the construction industry just as much as in high-precision technology or the pharmaceutical industry. We live in an innovation nation that is on the verge of taking on a pioneering role in digitisation as well. To this end, Swisscom is building and operating a modern infrastructure with mobile communications, fibre-optic network, data centres and digital solutions. And it is doing so right to the very back of the valley. Digi-Tal 2021' gives creative ideas in these regions and valleys a stage".

"Education is the basis for the success of Switzerland as a place to do business and live," says Pascale Vonmont, CEO/Director of the Gebert Rüf Foundation. "How do we learn and teach to train the next generation to be responsible shapers? Schools and teachers across the country are already making a relevant contribution through pilot projects. We are pleased to put these pioneers in the showcase and engage them in an exchange."

Interested parties can submit projects by July 15, 2021 at. Submit.


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