Press Council reprimands Arcinfo for undercutting quote

According to the Press Council, the French-speaking Swiss newspaper Arcinfo "falsely attributed quotes to the former Neuchâtel SVP National Councilor". In doing so, the paper had violated its duty to tell the truth.

Arcinfo had published a text by a professor from Neuchâtel attacking in particular the two SVP politicians, Roger Köppel and Yvan Perrin. The professor claimed that they had called the Federal Council "dictatorial" and that the risk of death from Covid-19 was "practically zero for people under 65", although only Köppel had made such a statement.

By "falsely" attributing these quotes to Perrin, the newspaper, which is responsible for everything it publishes in its editorial section, failed in its duty to seek the truth, the Press Council wrote in a statement published Friday. Perrin had filed a complaint with the Press Council over the text. (SDA)

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