Michael Wanner on the Comsumcast: How is Watson faring in the crisis?

Host Reto Lipp's guest in the third episode of the ComSumCast is Michael Wanner, Managing Director of Watson and Delegate of the Board of Directors of AZ Medien.


Michael Wanner, the son of a publisher, has been running the family-owned online portal Watson since 2016. In the midst of the Corona crisis of all things, Watson has now also succeeded in making the leap into French-speaking Switzerland with a French edition. Is Watson in the black today despite the Corona crisis? Is there a need for state support of online portals? What grade does Michael Wanner give Watson's journalistic performance in the crisis? What is Watson's stance? And when will Michael Wanner fully take over from his father Peter Wanner? Answers in the third ComSumCast by the Zurich Press Association ZPV and the Zurich PR Society ZPRG.

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