Annabelle Editor-in-Chief Jacqueline Krause-Blouin in the Werbewoche / M&K Podcast Off the Record

The editor-in-chief of Annabelle met with editor-in-chief Anna Kohler for a video podcast. The result was an honest, exciting and sometimes heartbreaking conversation.

Jacqueline Krause-Blouin is a boss, mother, wife and much more. It is clear that she reaches her limits here and there, but the fact that she shares these experiences so honestly is strong. This is not meant to sound as if Ms. Krause-Blouin needs pity. On the contrary, she is not a victim of the times, she is a perpetrator and that with heart and soul. She tells how she got hired by Rolling Stone after her studies and had to buy only kebabs and nasal spray until an article by her finally landed in the renowned magazine. How did she become a Annabelle encountered? What feedback was there on the relaunch of the magazine and what is she really proud of? In the podcast she also talks about the study that Annabelle launched together with Sotomo and in which 6000 Swiss women gave an honest all-round view of how they are doing. Astonishing things came to light. Take a look at the video podcast. Enjoy watching and listening.

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