Daily talk: Tages-Anzeiger launches podcast "Apropos 

 Every morning, a selected topic is highlighted in a conversation with an editor from the Tages-Anzeiger and the Tamedia editorial team for around 15 minutes - relevant, topical and close to the listeners. From the story that is currently causing a stir to the political explainer piece:

The podcasters Mirja Gabathuler and Philipp Loser from the Tamedia Podcast
(Photo: Urs Jaudas).

The podcast "apropos" focuses on what moves Switzerland. For example "What is it like to live as a family on 1500 francs a month?""Why is vaccination moving so slowly in Switzerland?" or "What are China and Switzerland fighting about?" The podcast "Apropos" provides background information and classification.

It will start on Monday, March 29. "Apropos" is hosted by Mirja Gabathuler, responsible for podcasts at Tamedia, and Philipp Loser, domestic editor at Tamedia and columnist in "Das Magazin. The team also includes producers Laura Bachmann, journalist and co-president of Podcast Club Switzerland, and Vivienne Kuster, freelance editor.

Mirja Gabathuler: "With the new podcast, we want to go in depth in the daily flow of news and tell the stories that are worth listening to more closely." Philipp Loser: "The journalists on our editorial staff are enormously competent. With 'Apropos' we present their knowledge and expertise in an additional medium and hopefully to a new audience."

"Explaining complex topics in an understandable way has probably never been as important as it is today, and the best way to do that is in direct conversation. That's exactly what 'Apropos' wants to do with Mirja and Philipp," says Christoph Zimmer, Chief Product Officer at Tamedia. "I look forward to hearing them and many other colleagues 'live' every day in the future."

The podcast "Apropos" is available daily from Monday to Friday from 6 a.m. on the website and in the app of the Tages-Anzeiger and Tamedia's other news titles in German-speaking Switzerland. It is also available via all popular podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Google Podcasts. "Apropos" complements Tamedia's existing podcast offering, which includes the soccer podcast "Dritte Halbzeit," the talk format "Wahrheit, Wein und Eisenring" and the politics podcast "Politbüro.

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