Facebook settles with Murdoch media in Australia

Against the backdrop of Australia's controversial media law, Facebook and News Corp have reached an agreement on content payments.

"The agreement with Facebook is a milestone in shaping the framework for journalism and will have a significant and meaningful impact on our Australian news businesses," News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson said on Tuesday.

The deal would give Facebook's 17 million users in the country "access to premium news articles and breaking news in video form across News Corp's network of newsrooms from all cities and rural areas," according to Andrew Hunter, Facebook's head of news partnerships in Australia. Media mogul Rupert Murdoch's company and the social media giant did not disclose further details of the deal.

In Australia, a new law now requires internet platforms to pay for media content that brings users and advertising revenue to their platforms.

Facebook in particular had sharply criticized the regulations. The dispute had escalated when the world's largest internet network had blocked all media links as well as several authority and disaster pages (Werbewoche.ch reported).

Australia is the first country to pass a law of this kind. Around the globe, governments have been looking for ways to curb the influence of US tech giants for years. (SDA)

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