TX Group becomes partner of Ecole 42 Lausanne

TX Group is committed to the free computer science school "Ecole 42 Lausanne" as an exclusive media partner. The Group aims to support the students of Western Switzerland with its expertise in digital transformation and its national digital ecosystem.

In the summer of 2021, the free computer science school Ecole 42 Lausanne will open its doors to anyone over the age of 18. The TX Group is acting as the exclusive media partner. In this role and through its media brands, the Group aims to help reach a broader population - especially women, to whom the free education is open to adults without a prior professional qualification. In addition, the Group will contribute its experience in the digital transformation of the media world.

Internships with the TX Group

The TX Group will also provide internships so that students at Ecole 42 Lausanne can develop their skills in a practical way. Joint communication measures and the promotion of direct exchange between students and partners will further support interaction. The aim is to confront students with real conditions in a professional context.

"Technological development enables disruptions in our environment that challenge our traditional activities," explains Pietro Supino, President and Publisher of TX Group. "At the same time, technology offers us opportunities to overcome these challenges and grow beyond them. That's why we are investing in technology and in technological savoir faire. Beyond our own needs, we want to contribute to the social and economic development of Switzerland."

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