LZ Christmas campaign collects more than 5 million francs for the first time

The LZ Christmas campaign for people in Central Switzerland sets a new record. For the first time since its launch 25 years ago, the 5 million mark was exceeded. Almost 19,000 donors contributed to this - also a record.


In its 25th collection, the LZ Christmas campaign achieved a great collection result: The readers of the Lucerne Newspaper and their regional editions donated a total of 5,377,439 Swiss francs. This means that the 5 million mark was exceeded for the first time, as CH Media writes in a statement. In addition to the donation result, there was also a record in the number of donors. A total of 18,970 donations were made. Once again, the collection was supported by many companies, but the majority of donations came from private individuals.

"It exceeds all our expectations. Especially in a year in which a great deal has already been donated to other collections because of Corona, our region is once again demonstrating its unique solidarity in favor of the LZ Christmas Campaign," Bettina Schibli, President of the LZ Christmas Campaign Foundation, is quoted as saying in the press release.

How welcome this help is is shown by the total of 3645 applications that have been submitted via social institutions and social authorities. Already more than 3000 could be examined by the advisory board and most of them could be answered positively.

64 million francs collected since foundation

The LZ Christmas campaign, which celebrated an anniversary with its 25th collection, has collected a total of around 64 million Swiss francs and dealt with more than 44,000 requests for help since it was founded in 1996. According to CH Media, this makes it by far the most successful collection by a Swiss newspaper. (pd/swi)

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