Transparency initiative: overall visibility falls slightly, ad fraud rises slightly

As part of their transparency initiative, the IAB, LSA and SWA associations communicate the latest figures on visibility and ad fraud. In the third quarter, overall visibility had fallen minimally, but the mobile sector showed higher figures than before.


IAB Switzerland, Leading Swiss Agencies LSA and the Swiss Advertisers Association SWA publish the latest quarterly figures on the viewability rates of the major marketers and publishers in Switzerland. Encouragingly, the mobile sector has a visibility rate of 61.4 percent (Q2: 56.5%) and has thus achieved the highest value this year, according to the release. In desktop, the visibility rate in Q3 is 57.1 percent (up from 66.2% in Q2). The overall visibility rate thus fell slightly from 60.8 percent to 59.2 percent in the third quarter.

The measurement is based on 4.22 billion ad impressions and was performed on publishers using the following tools:

  • Admeira: Xandr and Google Ad Manager
  • Goldbach / TX Markets: Integral Ad Science (IAS) and Google Ad Manager
  • Audienzz: Xandr
  • Romandie Network: Smart Adserver
  • Watson: Google Ad Manager

According to the IAB standard, the minimum visibility must be 50 percent of the pixels during 1 second for an ad impression to be billed.

At the same time, the major Swiss media companies and marketers published their latest ad fraud figures. Here, a slight increase can be seen compared to the previous quarter. Overall, however, all Swiss media houses are below 2 percent. (pd)

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