CH Media and ZHdK produce modular corporate film

The Zurich University of the Arts ZHdK and CH Media have jointly implemented an innovative format in the genre "corporate film". The modular structure allows individually compiled versions of the corporate film depending on the occasion, region and online channel.

Intro CH Media Unternehmensfilm 1-4 screenshot

In recent months, specialists from the ZHdK's Cast / Audiovisual Media department, in collaboration with the media company CH Media, have realized a product that shows the entire diversity of companies, brands, locations and competencies of CH Media. Thanks to its modular structure, the film can be shown online across platforms and, for example, at events in many combinations and lengths. The idea for this came about in a one-day workshop.


Employees tell

Dramaturgically, the focus is on portraits of individual employees from different areas of the company, stylistically on a combination of video, animation and infographics to present facts and figures in a way that is easy to consume. The film music was composed and produced especially for the videos.


Versatile applicable

The films last between 80 seconds and 16 minutes, depending on preference and combination. Short versions for social media, longer ones for company visits or customer events - suitably compiled for the respective region from Lucerne to St. Gallen.


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