Tamedia workforce demands savings contribution from management

Following the announcement by the TX Group on Friday that it would introduce short-time working, the Tamedia workforce spoke out in an open letter on Monday. In it, they criticize the fact that the personnel commissions (Peko) were not included and formulate expectations of the management.


The company had announced that employees' workloads would be cut by at least 10 percent. Where possible, more could also be cut. The staff was surprised by the announcement, it wrote in Monday's letter.

Contrary to what short-time work would imply, there is no question of less work, they say. In some areas, there is not less work to be done, but even more. The population's need for up-to-date information is great.

The workforce is demanding a public declaration from management as to what financial contribution it is prepared to make - for example by foregoing bonuses. Shareholders should also contribute to the financial stabilization of the company in the form of a sharply reduced dividend in 2020.

TX Group expects advertising revenues to fall by a mid-double-digit million figure by the end of the year. This cannot be nearly compensated by the good development in the digital area, as the company announced on Friday. (SDA)

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