YouNews 2020: 15-year-old Enya Ernst hosts "10vor10

As part of YouNews 2020, the Swiss Youth Media Week, young people are creating an entire edition of "10vor10". The show is hosted by 15-year-old Enya Ernst. For the "Tagesschau," young people report on the preparations for the Lauberhorn races.


On Friday, January 17, 2020, the audience can expect a youthful edition of "10vor10". The entire show will be co-created by a total of 15 young people from all over German-speaking Switzerland aged between 12 and 19.

One of them is Enya Ernst, who takes her place at the moderation desk. The 15-year-old goes to the Kantonsschule Wattwil SG and is coached by Arthur Honegger for her performance.

The assignment on "10vor10" will also be special for 16-year-old Matteo Schmid. The electronics apprentice will soon be recruited for recruit school. Beforehand, he will have the opportunity to get to the heart of Defense Minister Viola Amherd in an interview on the subject of recruit school and fighter pilots.

The young people work on all the reports for the program and also set the topics in some cases. For example, based on input from young people, the news magazine reports on online trade from China and its ecological impact, as well as on the fascination of e-sports.


Young people report from the Lauberhorn race for the "Tagesschau".

As part of YouNews 2020, 15-year-old Linus Martin from Worb BE and 13-year-old Nicolas Moscatelli from Liestal BL are working with Franz Fischlin to produce a report in the run-up to the Lauberhorn race for the "Tagesschau" main edition on Friday, January 17, 2020. The plan is to produce a feature on the training sessions for the longest downhill run in the Ski World Cup.


VSM organizational companion for the first time

During the week of January 13-19, 2020, various Swiss media will offer young people an in-depth look at the various branches of journalism at the third edition of YouNews, the Swiss Youth Media Week. At SRF, young people will take part in a total of seven different projects.

YouNews was created on the initiative of Viviane Manz, deputy head of the foreign editorial department at Fernsehen SRF, Michael Marti, member of Tamedia's editorial board, Franz Fischlin, SRF "Tagesschau" and "Medienclub," and representatives of the Quality in Journalism Association, which supports the project.

For the first time, YouNews 2020 is being organized by the Swiss Media Association. Around 250 young people took part in each of the first two events.

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