Publishers establish joint venture to operate Login Alliance

The major Swiss publishers are planning a joint venture to operate the login alliance. The separate registration per publisher when entering a news portal is to be replaced by a single login across all publishers - known as single sign-on.


There are still open points, said Andreas Häuptli, managing director of the Swiss Media Association, on Friday to a report by This applies in particular to the development of a uniform login technology.

There are still numerous legal and technical points to be clarified, Häuptli told Keystone-SDA. According to, the switch to a uniform media login is planned for fall 2020, in parallel with the introduction of a registration requirement and a uniform solution for consent to data use.


Ringier as a pioneer

The initiative for a login alliance came from the Ringier publishing house a good year ago with the aim of standing up to globally active corporations such as Google and Facebook. Subsequently, Tamedia, CH Media and the NZZ of the alliance.

The alliance is an open construct, Häuptli emphasized. Smaller publishers such as the Schaffhausen News have meanwhile also expressed their interest in participating. Ways are being sought to facilitate the entry of these publishers with a simplified procedure.


Information Offensive

The alliance partners are currently working to bring more alliance partners on board. On December 3, there was a presentation at Tamedia to 35 publishing managers from German-speaking Switzerland and Ticino. Another event was held last Wednesday in French-speaking Switzerland. SRG is also interested, but this is met with skepticism in political circles.

According to, the voluntary registration of news portal users currently in force is going well. The number of new registrations per day at Ringier has more than doubled since the start of registrations on October 15.

At View, Observer, Handelszeitung and Balance around 100,000 new registrations during this period. The portals of the Tamedia newspapers and of 20 minutes counted around 80,000 new registrations in the same period. With the NZZ it was 40,000, while CH Media speaks of a figure well into five figures. (SDA)

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