SWA and VSM finalize new JUP regulation

The Swiss Media Association (VSM) and the Swiss Advertisers Association (SWA) have brought the so-called JUP agreement into the modern era. Following the bankruptcy of Publicitas, a new arrangement had become necessary. In doing so, the remaining parties have opted for a simple solution that will come into effect on January 1, 2020.


The annual sales premium (JUP) for advertising customers dates back to the 1950s and has been offered to a media company's direct customers since that time. A distinction is made between JUP 1 for newspapers and JUP 2 for magazines.

The new JUP recommendation for VSM members and advertisers replaces the previous regulation and makes many things easier. For example, annual registration with a trust company is no longer necessary, there is no longer a minimum turnover requirement and annual statements are no longer required.

The new JUP will be deducted directly from the orders of direct customers - regardless of quantity or other discounts. However, advertising clients cannot cumulate the JUP and the consultant commission!

The amount of the JUP was also standardized and now corresponds to the same rates as the BK. Advertisers are required to decide whether they want to claim the JUP for direct bookings within a calendar year or the BK in cooperation with an agency. Occasional advertisements such as job and real estate advertisements as well as advertisements at local rates are exempt from the JUP regulation.

The new JUP recommendation can be found on the websites of the VSM and of the SWA can be downloaded.

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