Companies will not be exempt from radio and TV levy

Companies will not be exempt from the radio and television levy. The Council of States on Tuesday rejected a parliamentary initiative from the National Council by 20 votes to 14 with one abstention. The initiative is therefore off the table.


Commission spokesman Stefan Engler (CVP/GR) recalled that the survey system had only been introduced at the beginning of the year. Already another changeover to be made, would not be indicated. Engler also pointed to the clear No to the No Billag initiative.

Companies also benefit from a functioning and independent broadcasting system, the Commission spokesman added. If companies were exempted from the levy, private households would also have to pay more.

Hannes Germann (SVP/SH) supported the motion. He also justified this with the ruling of the Federal Administrative Court of last week. The court had come to the conclusion that the current tariff system of the radio and television levy for companies contradicts the constitution.

It suggested to the Federal Council that the system, which comprises six tariff levels, should be differentiated. The Federal Council has announced an analysis of the tariff system for next year. Paul Rechsteiner (SP/SG) recalled that the initiative called for the abolition of the corporate levy and not for an adjustment of the tariff system.

The National Council had adopted the initiative in the autumn session with a clear majority. The Zurich SVP National Councillor Gregor Rutz, who introduced the parliamentary initiative, spoke of double taxation. Company owners and employees would already have to pay a tax as private individuals.

The electorate approved the levy system at the ballot box in 2015. This also saw the introduction of the corporate levy. This brings 170 million francs per year into the levy pot. (SDA)

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