Radio 24 launches first news podcast "Info 24 To Go

Radio 24 expands its podcast portfolio and launches the first news podcast. "Info 24 To Go" summarises the best stories and most important news of the day in around eight minutes. The podcast is available from Monday to Friday from 5.45 p.m. on the Radio 24 website, on Spotify, iTunes and TuneIn.


Radio 24's new news podcast summarises the day's news in around eight minutes at the end of the day. In this way, Radio 24 aims to offer an optimal service for on-the-go listeners and thus meet the news needs of its audience.


Podcast offer is further expanded

Radio 24 has been investing in its podcast offering for some time now: Viktor Giacobbo has been discussing the most important issues of our time with personalities from politics, culture and society in the "Giacobbodcast" since January 2018.

Two other interview formats have also recently become available not only on the Radio 24 website, but also on all popular podcast platforms: In "Miis Züri", Radio 24 presenter Sharon Zucker lets personalities who enrich Zurich in various ways have their say.

In "Ufem Bänkli mit...", Radio 24 presenter Céline Werdelis meets with people whose stories are moving, who have experienced something extraordinary or who are passionate about something. For the time being, "Info 24 To Go" rounds off the podcast offering with news from around the world. Further formats are already being planned.

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