Weekly film newsletter replaces Frame magazine

In the future, NZZ's film reporting will focus more strongly on multimedia elements and thus aim to align itself with the needs of today's media users. As part of this repositioning, Frame will be discontinued in its current form.


Since February 2014, the NZZ on Sunday with the magazine Frame informs readers about current films and backgrounds in the film industry, and features filmmaking from around the world. Film reporting remains a priority for the NZZ an important topic. However, the previous form of publication no longer met today's customer needs. That is why the NZZ in the area of film will increasingly rely on digital reporting in the future.

In the course of this realignment, the previous magazine Frame discontinued by the end of the year. The last issue will be published on Sunday, December 8, 2019. As of the beginning of 2020 Frame replaced by a weekly film newsletter, published by the NZZ on Sunday.

The newsletter summarizes the latest film coverage from the NZZ on Sunday and the New Zurich Newspaper together. As already with Frame a collaboration with the Zurich Film Festival is planned here. Each issue will also include reviews of the latest films and series. Video and podcast contributions on what's happening on the screens and in the series world are also planned.

Denise Bucher, Editorial Manager Frame: "We are convinced that this solution is a worthy successor to Frame. It takes into account the medium of film in word, image and sound and thus also corresponds to the new habits of media consumption."

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