Login Alliance: Swiss publishers launch online registration of media users

Four Swiss publishers on Tuesday began online registration of visitors on their news portals, which is voluntary for the time being. Users of more than 20 titles are asked to register with a login before reading articles.


Registration is voluntary for the time being, according to a joint announcement by the publishers. According to Tamedia CEO Christoph Tonini, the login will then become mandatory from September 2020.

Users are asked for an e-mail address and a password, but sometimes also for their name, gender, age and place of residence. Registered users can log in to all participating online portals with a personal password.

The digital alliance, which was launched in 2018, includes both the major private media houses Tamedia (Tages-Anzeiger, 20 minutes), Ringier (View, Observer), CH Media (Aargauer newspaper, Lucerne Newspaper) and the NZZ Media Group (New Zurich Newspaper) as well as the public service SRG (Werbewoche.ch reported).


Personalized content and advertising

The login campaign was initially launched in German-speaking Switzerland. French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino are to follow at the beginning of 2020. SRG plans to follow suit in 2020 with a voluntary login.

By registering, the media companies obtain additional data from their users, which enables more targeted advertising. In this way, the publishers want to strengthen their position in competition with the overpowering American technology groups Google and Facebook.

For users, the key benefit of registration, according to the publishers, is greater personalization of journalistic offerings. (SDA)

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