Blick launches a customizable Swatch for the anniversary

The first issue of Blick was published on October 14, 1959 - exactly 60 years ago on Monday. To mark this anniversary, a Swatch is available for one week, which every buyer can design themselves using Blick newspaper pages.


"Blick has been close to the people since it was founded. With the watch Swatch X view everyone can now wear a piece of Swiss newspaper history on their wrist," says Christian Dorer, editor-in-chief of the View-Group, according to a statement. Since Monday, the clock has been on for a week available. With the online configurator, an individual design background for the entire watch can be selected from around 80 Blick headlines and symbols from the last 60 years. Each watch is therefore unique and is produced using Swatch's globally unique digital printing technology. The "Swatch X Blick" watch is one of many anniversary campaigns that have been running since the beginning of the year.


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