"DJ Radio": My105 expands its offer

Just in time for the Street Parade, My105 has expanded its offering and launched 14 new DJ channels. The music medium also has a new claim and a new sound layout.


To underline its clear positioning and the fact that the music is not compiled and mixed by algorithms, My105 has introduced the claim "DJ Radio". "We exercise a kind of filter function and compile our own channels with hand-picked songs in various genres from around 35 million songs that are otherwise available on the usual streaming services. In this way, we are more or less the listeners' personal DJ," says My105 boss Giuseppe Scaglione. My105 focuses on the sound of the younger generation with styles such as hip hop, German rap, urban Latin and dance/electro.

In addition, the music medium has invested in its acoustic image and was able to engage international producers for the renewal of its own sound layout - including the production of jingles and packaging elements. The first results of this collaboration can already be heard on my105.

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