The Corriere del Ticino Group takes over Illustrazione Ticinese

After 23 years, Illustrazione Ticinese has sold its publishing rights to the Corriere del Ticino Group. The group will take over management from September 1, 2019 and will continue to publish the magazine on a monthly basis.

illustrazione ticinese_logo

In 1996, Matthias Werder, Editor-in-Chief since 1979, took over the publishing rights to Illustrazione Ticinese from the Zurich-based company Senger Annoncen. This was followed by a move to Ticino and a redesign of the product. In 2001, Marco Werder took over the publishing management, which he has held to this day.

With digitization, many traditional print products have come under severe economic pressure in recent years and some have even disappeared from the market altogether. However, according to WEMF, Illustrazione Ticinese has increased its circulation to 128,000 copies in recent years.

However, pressure in the advertising market has increased and it has become clear that going it alone again would not have been able to guarantee the future of the magazine. The agreement with the Corriere del Ticino Group guarantees the continued existence of the title. The transaction will also not result in any redundancies.

From September 2019, Corriere del Ticino will take over responsibility for the magazine and MediaTiMarketing will take over marketing for the whole of Switzerland.

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