Maz feels cost pressure from editorial offices and stock market slump

Less income from journalism courses and a loss on financial investments shaped the result of the media training centre Maz in Lucerne in 2018. Longer courses offered by the School of Journalism are also feeling the effects of the media crisis.


Course turnover in the journalism division fell by around 8 percent. The high cost pressure in editorial offices had a negative impact on demand in the department, according to the annual report published by the Maz on Tuesday. The department's main offering, the two-year diploma course for journalists, recorded a decline of 10 percent.

The Maz was unable to offer longer courses such as the CAS in Specialised Journalism and Visual Journalism or the VJ course due to a lack of registrations. On the other hand, the data journalism course was fully booked right from the start. In contrast to journalism, the communications department grew slightly. Demand here rose by 2.5 percent.

The Maz still took in a total of 5.2 million francs in course fees, 200,000 francs less than in 2017. In addition, there were around 1.3 million francs from school fees from the cantons, contributions from the federal government, donors and the Economic Advisory Board, as well as from sponsorship. The bottom line in 2018 was an annual profit of 34,000 francs after 41,000 francs in the previous year.

Because the stock markets closed low at the end of 2018, a loss of CHF 120,000 had to be accepted on financial investments, the annual report states. This reduced the profit and the possibility of allocating funds in the amount of previous years. However, the Maz is solidly financed and equipped to respond to future structural changes with innovations and further developments of the offer. (SDA)

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