Disney launches its own streaming service in November

Entertainment giant Disney plans to launch its Disney+ streaming service at the end of the year to compete with Netflix. The subscription will cost under $7 per month.


Disney+ is to be offered from November 12 for a price of $6.99 per month, initially in the U.S., as the group announced on Thursday (local time). Later, the offer is to be expanded to Europe and then to other regions.

Customers will then be able to watch numerous productions from the entertainment empire on the platform, which also includes the Marvel superhero films, Star Wars and the animated film company Pixar. Documentaries from the National Geographic channel and offerings from the ABC channel will also be shown. All seasons of "Simpons" will also be available from launch - Disney recently bought the series.

Disney wants to use the service to compete with Netflix, which already has around 140 million paying customers. A number of corporations are increasingly turning to streaming: Amazon has its Prime Video offering, and U.S. technology giant Apple recently unveiled plans for its Apple TV+ streaming service. WarnerMedia also wants to get in on the market. (hae/SDA)

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