Brack, Marquard, Hein and Graf: These are the Swiss Lions on TV24

TV24 introduces the investors who will evaluate and, if necessary, support business ideas in the Swiss edition of "Die Höhle des Löwen".


Next year, TV24 will bring the world-famous TV format "Die Höhle der Löwen" to Switzerland for the first time. In the popular start-up show, young entrepreneurs pitch for a potential investment and the expertise of five well-known Swiss investors, the so-called lions. The Swiss lions are: Online retail expert Roland Brack, business apartment pioneer Anja Graf, technology entrepreneur Bettina Hein, publishing mogul Jürg Marquard and sustainability entrepreneur Tobias Reichmuth.

In order to snag an investment for their company, the participants of the start-up show have to venture into the lions' den. The lions are experienced entrepreneurs looking for investment opportunities. In the show "Die Höhle der Löwen Schweiz," which is being produced for the first time in Switzerland by B&B Endemol Shine on behalf of TV24, the entrepreneurs have the chance to make their business idea and the investment in their company palatable to the lions during a three-minute pitch.

Among the lions is Tobias Reichmuth, an expert in sustainable energy products. Reichmuth is looking forward to getting to know innovative young entrepreneurs and their products in the show: "With startup investments, I primarily look at the team - do they go through thick and thin together? And nothing works without a well thought-out business plan. That's also part of sustainability." Anja Graf, founder of Visionapartments, which rents furnished living space to business travelers for short periods, is also eager to meet the participants: "I know from my own experience how difficult it is to get investments. So central for a young entrepreneur is to use any financial support wisely and to use today's technology efficiently."

The lions also have to fight for investment opportunities

In each episode, up to seven young entrepreneurs will present their business idea. If a Lion is convinced by a product or service, he or she offers capital, know-how and contacts in exchange for shares in the company. If several lions are interested in investing in the same company, the young entrepreneur decides which offer suits him best, or he brings several lions on board at once. Technology entrepreneur Bettina Hein, who has already built up several companies, including in the USA, wants to score points with her expertise in such a case: "In addition to capital, young entrepreneurs are very dependent on the expertise of experienced people. Especially when it comes to dealing with the international market, I can pass on valuable insights."

Roland Brack, who runs, Switzerland's largest independent online retailer, thinks it's important to promote entrepreneurship in Switzerland. He sees his advantage over the other lions primarily in the ability to bring products to market quickly via his network. "We already deliver thousands of packages a day from a range of more than 200,000 different items from our own warehouse. We look forward to supporting startups with exciting products." Jürg Marquard, on the other hand, relies on his network and expertise in media and communications: "I have made many investment decisions in my life. The most successful ones were usually those where I relied largely on my gut feeling. Let's see if this will also be the case in the Lion's Den."

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