Radio 24 and Radio Argovia launch news skills on Amazon's Alexa smart speaker

From now on, the news from Radio 24 and Radio Argovia can be listened to via Alexa, the voice-controlled SmartSpeaker from Amazon. With the launch of the news skill for Alexa, the AZ Medien radio stations are responding to the increasing prevalence of voice assistants in Swiss households and the trend toward the acoustic Internet.


With the voice commands "Alexa, give me the latest news" or "Alexa, give me today's summary", users of the Amazon SmartSpeaker Alexa can now call up the latest news from Radio Argovia and Radio 24 around the clock. These are updated every half hour. To use the additional function, users simply need to activate the Radio 24 or Radio Argovia skills in the Alexa app.

The future is acoustic

Florian Wanner, Managing Director Radio, AZ Medien, is convinced: "The digital world is increasingly developing into a medium that can be experienced audiovisually. Audio contributions - such as podcasts - are now consumed worldwide and enjoy great popularity." Spoken language is therefore becoming more and more central, and in the course of this development, voice assistants are also becoming increasingly important. "In the future, SmartSpeakers will be found in all households," Wanner is certain. "As one of the first Swiss media companies, we have recognized this development and are responding to it."

SmartSpeakers such as Alexa are on the rise worldwide. These are intelligent, Internet-connected speakers that can be controlled via voice commands. For example, the user can manage his calendar or play music. If the device is equipped with additional functions, so-called skills, SmartSpeakers can directly and acoustically play back a variety of information that they obtain from the Internet.

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