SDA labour dispute: Reko and unions satisfied

The SDA editorial commission (Reko), the Syndicom trade union and the professional association Impressum expressed their basic satisfaction with the settlement before the media in Bern on Wednesday.


"We are at the end of a marathon. 148 days after the strike by the SDA editorial staff, a settlement has been signed," explained Reko member Sebastian Gänger at the media conference. The strike, which the editorial staff had carried out as a united front, had paid off. He said that the result was particularly pleasing for the employees over 60, but that it left a bad taste in the mouth, as an agreement would have been possible as early as mid-February during the negotiations with the Board of Directors.

Originally, a reduction of 35.6 jobs had been planned. Due to dismissals, staff reductions and around 25 voluntary departures in recent months and weeks, the reduction is now greater than originally planned, according to Gänger. The Vice President of the Syndicom trade union, Stephanie Vonarburg, also believes that the bottom line is good. The key point is that the over-60s have the choice of being reinstated or leaving the company in accordance with the social plan.

"The same pay and conditions as before and protection against dismissal for the over-60s, that's something we've never had in the media industry before," Vonarburg said. Moreover, the severance payments are real severance payments, as they are not linked to any further conditions. Imprint Central Secretary Michael Burkard described the settlement as a "relatively good result". In view of the millions of euros in dividends paid out, however, it was only "crumbs from the table of the publishers". Imprint hopes for more foresight and social competence from the merged board of directors. (SDA)

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