After Google News: Microsoft launches Microsoft News with news app

Microsoft is now bundling content offerings worldwide under the name Microsoft News and is also launching a news app. In Switzerland, 20 Minuten, Handelszeitung, Watson and the NZZ are among those providing content.


Under the Microsoft News umbrella, content is delivered in 28 languages, from more than a thousand publishers and over 3,000 media brands around the world on MSN, Edge, Bing and Windows, among others. Through a combination of artificial intelligence and the expertise of experienced editors, Microsoft is putting together the most relevant news, videos, photos and other content for free and personalized for users in the redesigned News app for iOS and Android. These news offerings are expected to reach one in three Internet users over the age of 14 in Switzerland, according to the press release.

16 publishing partners in Switzerland

In Switzerland, 16 media brands provide content, including20 minutes, Handelszeitung, Watsonand theNZZ. In the DACH region, a total of 70 partners and 150 established brands are involved, includingThe World, South German Newspaper, Handelsblatt, ColorfulandKicker. Internationally, media such asUSA Today, FOX NewsandEl Paísthe Microsoft News with the latest news. Microsoft's publishing partners provide over 100,000 pieces of editorial content every day, around 5,000 of them in the DACH region.

The incoming content is first processed with the help of artificial intelligence before being curated by more than 800 experienced editors at 50 locations worldwide. For the Swiss market and ten other European countries, this is done in the central newsroom in Berlin.

Microsoft News focuses on quality journalism

Microsoft News partners with the "best news brands in the world" using a business model that allows people to access trusted news for free, while claiming to provide a sustainable revenue stream for media companies. Over the past four years, Microsoft has paid out more than $600 million in revenue sharing to publishers.

Microsoft News' curated and personalized news is also available on mobile - as a redesigned app for iOS and Android. The new app is available for free download now.

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