Observer whistleblower platform now allows anonymous communication, the whistleblower platform of the Beobachter, now offers tipsters the opportunity to communicate completely anonymously with the editorial team. The Beobachter is the first Swiss media company to use this technology.


Since the Beobachter launched the whistleblower platform in June 2011, around 2,400 reports have been received by the editorial team. Seven years ago, the Beobachter thus closed a gap for all those whistleblowers who had no way of confidentially reporting their reports of wrongdoing in their company, organisation or authority to a company-internal office. With the encrypted platform, the Observer has since guaranteed security and absolute discretion for whistleblowers.

However, the previous system had the disadvantage that editors of the Observer could not contact anonymous tipsters. It was therefore often not possible to verify the information uploaded or to ask questions about it. The result: research into many interesting tips led nowhere.

With the relaunch of this restriction will no longer apply. The editorial staff of the Observer can now also contact those whistleblowers who do not leave an e-mail address or telephone number. This is made possible by an encrypted mailbox. A system from the Zurich-based company Integrityline, which has so far been used mainly by banks and administrative offices, is being used. The Beobachter is the first Swiss media company to offer this advanced technology to protect whistleblowers.

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