VSM calls for "public service mandate must be clearly defined" after No Billag vote

Following the No to the No Billag initiative, the Swiss Media Association (VSM) is calling for a "clear definition of SRG's public service mission. The clear result in favor of a radical solution should not obscure the fact that there is a great need for action.


"The role and mission of SRG must be redefined," writes the VSM in a statement. SRG should not expand any further, it said, but should focus clearly on information. "Politicians must tackle a revision of the radio and TV law very quickly and in depth."

The Publishers Association is demanding that the Department of DETEC refrain from introducing target group-specific advertising for the SRG and suspend the concession currently in consultation, which would allow the SRG to expand on digital channels.

In the VSM's view, this does not require a new law on electronic media. "There is no constitutional basis for that."

If the publishers have their way, SRG will continue to limit itself to radio and television with a national bracket function. "SRG will not launch press-like digital offerings or audio-visual formats produced exclusively for the Web.

In addition, SRG must refrain from new forms of commercialization, namely online advertising. An unconditional and rapid withdrawal from the Admeira advertising alliance was also necessary. (SDA)

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