Relief in Ticino after No to No-Billag proposal

Rather surprisingly, the No Billag initiative was also clearly defeated in the canton of Ticino. 65.51 of the voters rejected the proposal. Opponents reacted with satisfaction and relief - supporters with disappointment.


"The Ticino government is very satisfied with the result of today's vote," the Ticino State Council announced in a media release. This means that the population stands by the current financing system of radio and television broadcasters, whether they are public or private.

President of the government Manuele Bertoli himself also expressed relief at the outcome of the vote when asked by SDA: "It was not foreseeable, but now the public has clearly decided in favor of the services of public and private television and radio broadcasters." SRG's next steps must now be well thought out, he said.

Earlier, CVP Council of States member Filippo Lombardi and SP National Council member Marina Carobbio had already expressed their relief and satisfaction about the result to SDA. Lombardi expressed his satisfaction, even though he "never doubted that the initiative would also be rejected in Ticino," as he said when asked. But the fact that the result was so clear was, of course, a reason for joy and showed how much the population was connected to public radio and television and trusted it.

The director of Italian language radio and television RSI, Maurizio Canetta, said with satisfaction: "Reason has triumphed. The people of Ticino have understood that they get four times more money than they deliver in broadcasting fees."

The proponents of the initiative are disappointed. In a statement, however, the initiator in Ticino, Alain Bühler, expressed optimism: at least it had been achieved that the fees had been lowered and that a discussion about SRG, its services and its scope had been initiated. (SDA)

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