SDA negotiations will continue on Thursday and Friday

Negotiations between the SDA Board of Directors and SDA staff will be extended until the end of the week. The strike will also be suspended until then.


On Tuesday, February 13, the first round of negotiations between the delegations of the Board of Directors and the SDA staff took place. At the following plenary meeting on Wednesday, February 14, SDA staff, who had forced negotiations with the Board of Directors with a four-day strike two weeks ago, decided to continue negotiations this week. The strike will thus remain suspended in favor of two more rounds of negotiations on Thursday, February 15 and Friday, February 16. This was announced by Syndicom on Wednesday evening.

Accordingly, the negotiating delegation, consisting of representatives of the editorial commission, the Syndicom union and the professional association Impressum, will not comment on the content of the negotiations for the duration of the negotiations. Only after the negotiations have been concluded will the negotiating delegation comment on the results, according to the statement.

The conclusion is expected to take place at the beginning of next week. Before that, another plenary meeting will have to decide on the results. A successful and trouble-free conclusion to the negotiations is the focus of interest for those involved and the editors affected, writes Syndicom. (pd/hae)

Frédéric Gonseth of French-speaking Switzerland released a film about the SDA strike on Monday.

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