VICE Switzerland and EWZ: Focus on young Swiss and their commitment to climate change

Few things affect our future as much as climate change, and if humans do nothing, the damage will soon be irreversible. In the documentary "We Are The Last Generation", VICE, in partnership with EWZ, portrayed those young Swiss people who want to make a big difference in small ways with their commitments against climate change.


The documentary by VICE Switzerland was based on a highly regarded study by the University of California. The study describes the so-called "tipping point", the point at which climate change cannot be reversed. This awareness is taking root among a young generation, and the resulting movement is the central focus in "We Are The Last Generation." VICE host Regina Schlatter met, among others, with Tara Welschinger, member of the Zero-Waste movement and founder of the neighborhood store "Foifi". A store concept in which there is no packaging and accordingly no waste. Or Lisa Ochsenbein, founder of the sharing community project "Pumpipumpe," in which people signal to their neighbors what they can lend them - from bicycle pumps and various household utensils to disco balls and wifi connections. Viewers not only consume content but also receive inspiration from all the protagonists on how to behave more sustainably in everyday life and thus make their own contribution to combating climate change.

As a network for all relevant Passion Points for Millennials, VICE takes the topic of the environment seriously. In April 2017, it therefore launched the international digital channel VICE IMPACT launched. VICE IMPACT not only reports on climate change, protest, and social injustice, but focuses on driving measurable change on these issues, enabling audiences to dive deeper into these issues and engage through concrete action. To achieve this goal, VICE Impact also engages in a variety of partnerships with NGOs, local organizations, foundations, individuals, and corporations. As the first more comprehensive Swiss initiative, VICE Switzerland, in collaboration with partner EWZ, produced and released the documentary "We Are The Last Generation" about climate change and its impact on young Swiss people.

The editorial program "We Are The Last Generation" took place on VICE's website and was activated via VICE and EWZ's social networks. At the end of the campaign on January 10, 2018, a total of 1.3 million video views were counted on all channels.

EWZ is the leading energy supply company offering sustainable energy and communication solutions for private individuals and companies in Switzerland, is strongly committed to environmentally friendly energy supply and invests in renewable energy production. The activities of the approximately 1,200 employees, including 40 apprentices, also include the development of smart energy and telecom solutions for companies, the ultra-fast fiber optic network for the city of Zurich, as well as public lighting and clocks, energy consulting and other services.

Esther Rutz, Project Manager Marketing and Communications at EWZ says about the partnership with VICE: "The many comments and especially shares clearly showed us that it is worthwhile to consistently take the audience's point of view and align a topic with their interests. With this first editorial campaign for EWZ, we were able to offer added value to the readers of VICE as well as our community and position EWZ as a sender of credible content."

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