Aargau trade association against No Billag initiative

The board of the Aargau Trade Association (AGV) has voted 13 to 7 to reject the No Billag initiative. In doing so, it is opposing the Swiss Trade Association, which decided in favor at the end of October last year.


The representatives of the trade and industry are particularly disturbed by the fact that companies also have to pay radio and television fees, according to a statement by the AGV on Monday. This circumstance is perceived as a double burden and therefore as unfair. Nevertheless, the majority of the AGV board thinks the No Billag initiative goes too far.

In the opinion of the majority, the abolition of the compulsory levies and the associated elimination of over 75 percent of SRG revenues would go hand in hand with the abolition of the media house. The solution presented by various parties to support certain SRG broadcasts by means of subsidies is not possible in the view of the AGV, as the text of the initiative excludes this option. The dissolution of the SRG and the cancellation of the fee-financed support of 35 local and regional radio stations and regional television stations would have undesirable consequences for the Swiss media landscape and would therefore also not be in the interest of the industry, argues the AGV.

The AGV's rejection of the No Billag initiative was already reported by the media on January 10. reports. Official communicates the decision was made by AGV only on Monday. (pd/hae/SDA)

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