Viktor Giacobbo launches talk format "Giacobbodcast" with Radio 24 and Watson

One year after the end of "Giacobbo/Müller", Viktor Giacobbo re-enters the media stage - with a podcast.


In "Giacobbodcast", Giacobbo discusses the important questions of our time with A-list celebrities from politics, culture and society. In the form of a very personal small talk. "Without cameras, only with a microphone, in a relaxed atmosphere. No fight, but simply a conversation between funny, serious and curious," Viktor Giacobbo says about it. "I talk to one person, they talk to me. We listen to each other. Only at the end of the conversation do we know what we wanted to talk about."

"Giacobbodcast" is now available on and and will be broadcast on 10 January from 22.00 on Radio 24. Viktor Giacobbo's first guest is Federal Chancellor Walter Thurnherr.

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