"Zwei am Morge": SRF launches Switzerland's first YouTube morning show

Starting Monday, Switzerland's youth will be woken up by "Zwei am Morge". Julian and Ramin from Uni GAG will deliver the news and stories of the week directly to the smartphone. "Blunt and real," as SRF writes in a statement.


"It is about time that Switzerland, too, started with "Two in the morning" is getting its first morning show of its own on YouTube," explains Stefano Semeria, Head of Young Audiences at SRF. "YouTube morning shows for young audiences are very popular and widespread all over the world."

SRF's Young Target Groups division brought promising talent on board for the content of "Zwei am Morge": Hosts Julian Graf and Ramin Yousofzai run the Uni GAG comedy page on social media, with 30,000 fans. Robin Pickis acts as creative scribbler. The 24-year-old from Nidwalden knows what makes Switzerland tick, according to the press release: With his Schwiizchiste on Instagram and YouTube, he hits the humor of his 300,000 followers and is considered one of the most important influencers in Switzerland. Julian, Ramin and Robin are supported by a team of authors made up of Swiss social media experts and editors from SRF's Young Target Groups unit.


"Our team of writers is a reflection of that target audience that we want to reach with "Two in the morning" want to address," says SRF project manager and producer Matthias Püntener. "They all have a lot of experience in online entertainment and know what topics really interest young people in Switzerland."

"Zwei am Morge" is shown every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 06.00 on the YouTube channel of the same name and on Srf.ch. Additional material and extra gags are available on Instagram @zweiammorge.

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