AZ Medien TV launches morning news format "99 Seconds

The online video unit of AZ Medien TV is launching a new online news format on Monday, which will be posted on the websites of TeleZüri, Tele M1 and TeleBärn as well as on the portals of AZ/Nordwestschweiz at 7:30 a.m. each day and distributed via social media platforms.


The format name "99 Seconds" says it all: During 99 seconds, the most important events of the previous night are reported. In addition to topics that have made headlines in Switzerland and around the world in the past few hours, reports from regional stations are revisited if there has been an update overnight. The format is rounded off with a brief weather outlook for the current day.

Oliver Steffen, Head of Operations AZ Medien TV: "99 seconds should become as important as your morning coffee! We know that we have to work hard, journalistically and creatively to achieve this".

The short news format is subtitled and is accompanied by moving image content from the web and the video pool of the regional stations. TeleZüri, Tele M1 and TeleBärn with the best of them. The familiar faces from TeleZüri will be responsible for the on and off moderation.

The morning format is produced by the video journalists of AZ Medien TV's online unit from 04.30 - 07.30 each morning and is available online from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). Afterwards, the individual broadcasts are also available in the archive.

"99 Seconds should become as important as your morning coffee."

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