"The wrong way": Hotelleriesuisse warns against the No Billag initiative

The management of Hotelleriesuisse opposes the "No Billag" initiative. It fears that if the initiative is adopted, media diversity, which is also important for tourism, and the peripheral regions would fall by the wayside.


Not only the existence of the larger radio and television companies would be endangered if the bill were approved, but also that of the 34 regional radio and television stations, writes Hotelleriesuisse. These stations receive important shares from the fee income and ensure regional diversity in the media landscape.

If the initiative is adopted, the smaller language communities and the peripheral and mountain regions in particular would be negatively affected, the association is convinced, according to a statement. SRG, with its nationwide broadcasting area, makes an important contribution to the cohesion of the country as well as to neutral reporting. Purely private providers primarily pursue commercial interests and would concentrate on sports and entertainment broadcasts.

"Tourist or cultural broadcasts that appeal to the domestic as well as foreign guest segment would hardly receive the necessary platforms anymore," association president Andreas Züllig is convinced.

Furthermore, it cannot be assumed that the offers of private providers will be more favorable in the future. For these reasons, the management of Hotelleriesuisse has unanimously decided to vote against the proposal in the vote on March 4, 2018. (pd/hae)

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