Two new stations: AZ Medien launches "Virgin Radio Switzerland

AZ Medien | TV & Radio erweitert das Senderportfolio um zwei nationale Radiosender unter dem weltweit bekannten Brand «Virgin».


AZ Medien secures the brand license to "Virgin Radio" for Switzerland. The two radio stations will be launched in the first quarter of 2018 at the latest and will be heard throughout German-speaking Switzerland on DAB+ and IP streaming platforms. In terms of programming, the two stations will have a different focus and address different target groups.

Virgin Radio Hits Switzerland targets today's young audience with a progressive music program and plays exclusively the latest hits.

Virgin Radio Rock Switzerland serves listeners around the clock with proven rock sound from today and the last decades.


Actress and singer Fabienne Louves and the two former radio professionals Sabine Renz and Christian Stoob were signed up as station voices for Virgin Radio Switzerland. The two national radio stations round off the radio portfolio of AZ Medien TV and Radio with the existing local stations Radio Argovia and Radio 24.

In 1993, Virgin Radio began its first program with a live announcement from Sir Richard Branson, founder of the global Virgin corporation. Virgin Radio International now includes radio stations in France, Italy, the UK, Turkey, Indonesia, Lebanon, Thailand, Dubai and Canada, among others, and now also in Switzerland. Managing Director of Virgin Radio Switzerland will be Florian Wanner, who will take over the management in addition to his current role as Managing Director of Radio Medien. Radio Medien includes the stations Radio 24, Radio Argovia and now Virgin Radio Switzerland Hits and Virgin Radio Switzerland Rock.

"We are pleased to take an innovative and strategically important step in the expansion of our station portfolio in Switzerland with Virgin Radio Switzerland. The development of DAB+ and IP Radio is leading to new opportunities in the radio market. We want to be at the forefront here and take advantage of the opportunities that present themselves. I wish Florian Wanner every success in his expanded role," Roger Elsener, Managing Director of AZ Medien TV und Radio, said in a statement.

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