Keystone-SDA: Imprint fears for journalistic independence

The journalists' association Imprint fears that after the merger of Keystone and the SDA journalism and advertising will be mixed. This would endanger editorial independence, according to a statement by Swiss journalists on Tuesday.


Job cuts would further endanger quality, impressum continues to write. The association will pull out all the stops to prevent a dangerous commercialization of Keystone-SDA and the loss of editorial jobs.

The statements by COO Jann Jenatsch and also the media releases fuelled fears that the journalistic orientation of SDA was losing priority to commercial business areas, such as those already managed by Keystone with its subsidiary PPR Media Relations.

Especially a mixing of journalism and advertising would be dangerous for editorial independence and would be vehemently opposed by impressum. Imprintum, itself a small shareholder in SDA, will continue to defend journalistic independence, diversity and quality as well as the resources used for journalism at the news agency with all available means.

For Keystone-SDA was not only a media company, but the merged company also had a special social significance for democracy and the cohesion of the Swiss parts of the country.

Impressum is therefore calling on the Board of Directors to supplement the Executive Board in such a way that female journalists or journalists have at least the same weight there as personalities with a market-oriented profile.

The COO of Keystone-SDA, Jann Jenatsch, said on request that Keystone-SDA could very well distinguish between journalistic and commercial content. And this will not be changed. Already today, every picture is drawn legibly if it is a commercial picture and not a journalistic one.

There is journalistic independence, he said. "And on the trustworthiness that we are based on, we will continue. There is no intention to mix anything," Jenatsch continued.

The editorial course would continue to be based on the existing journalistic principles, namely independence, trustworthiness, competence and solidarity. (SDA)

Photo: Imprint

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