The Migusto cooking magazine is now printed in Zofingen by Swissprinters

The printing contract for the Migusto cooking magazine has been reassigned. With the printing partner Swissprinters from Zofingen, Migros Media continues to rely exclusively on Swiss printers.


The cooking magazine Migusto will be printed by Swissprinters in Zofingen AG from 2018. The contracts were concluded for a term of two years, with a volume of 250,000 copies ten times a year.

"In the evaluation process, we were most convinced by Swissprinters' overall package," says Rolf Hauser, Head of Publishing. "I am also pleased that we are working with a partner with whom we have already had very good experiences with other products."

Until the end of the year, the Migusto Magazine printed at Print Media Corporation (PMC) in Oetwil am See, as Eveline Zollinger, Head of Communications & Media Coordination at Migros Media, explains when asked by Werbewoche.

Migros bundles its cooking expertise under the Migusto brand. The eponymous cooking club with the digital platform aims to open the door to the world of cooking and enjoyment for those with a culinary interest. The cooking magazine Migusto provides recipes and ideas on all aspects of cooking. It is published ten times a year with a circulation of 250,000 copies. (pd/hae)

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