"Wilmaa watch&care" - active television for a good cause

As a pioneer in the field of Web TV, Wilmaa is once again going its own way and calling on its users to support current and worthy Swiss projects with the "Wilmaa watch&care" campaign. To support the individual projects, Wilmaa users do not have to donate any money themselves, but simply watch Wilmaa diligently.


Watch&care works very simply in the style of crowdfunding: every time a user switches on Wilmaa, watches Wilmaa for a full hour or changes the channel, points go to watch&care. The more actively users use Wilmaa, the more points and thus money they collect together for the good cause. The current points and donation status, as well as further information on the projects, can be viewed at any time in the logged-in area or at here viewable.

Initial project in film promotion

The first project is all about young Swiss film and ideally bridges the gap between a project worthy of support and a humanitarian cause. The initial project, which is funded by Allianz Suisse as a sponsor, ensures the completion of the short film "Aziz" by Swiss filmmaker Mica Agustoni and the production company Somafilm from Zurich. "Aziz" is based on a real-life encounter the filmmaker had with a young refugee boy outside a Zurich asylum shelter. There he told her about his arduous journey to Switzerland; first on foot, then in a car and finally on a boat across the sea. The result is the story of six-year-old Aziz, who wants to return to his homeland in North Africa and boards a round-trip boat on Lake Greifen to do so. Nothing lets the boy know that he is on the wrong course. But Captain Elmar, who has long since stopped dreaming, finds a way out of his lethargy through his encounter with Aziz. The film has already been shot and edited. Through "Wilmaa watch&care" the last production steps like music composition, audio effects and the final sound mix can now be financed and completed in a few months.

"Starting with a film project was our wish from the very beginning", explains Roman Reimann, Managing Director Wilmaa, "we looked intensively for a project that was already far enough advanced and which we could give the necessary support for finalisation with watch&care. With the short film "Aziz" it was immediately clear to us that we had to support the filmmakers so that this film could be shown to a broad audience. Also, we find the idea of Wilmaa users becoming a kind of co-producers here very fitting."

Further watch&care projects

Around ten further watch&care fundraising campaigns for various projects or institutions are planned for the next twelve months. We are looking for projects that can already be effectively supported with four- to five-figure sums, originate from Switzerland, are authentic and have a current connection. Of course, not only cultural projects are possible, but also charitable projects for people, animals and the environment, as well as projects in the fields of education, research or ecology. You can submit your own project proposals at watchcare@wilmaa.com.

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